Seeding & Aeration

Seeding a lawn can be a daunting task if you don't have the proper equipment. Let our lawn care professionals take care of your property, and grow you a lush, healthy, and appealing lawn.



​Lawn aeration is the secret weapon in making your lawn healthy. Aeration involves making holes in the lawn either by pushing a rod into it or by "coring", extracting a plug of soil.

By aerating your lawn you provide the following benefits to your lawn and its root system: 

  • Oxygen gets to the roots and the soil allowing it to "breathe"

  • Organic fertilizers and nutrients get access to the root system

  • Water is able to better soak the soil and reach the root system

  • Helps to break up thatch

  • Tight, compacted soil is loosened helping root growth


​Dethatching is the process used to remove the excess thatch. It is best to dethatch the varieties of grass grown in our area in early fall. When it is time to dethatch, mowing the lawn fairly low just before starting will make the job easier. Hand raking is a backbreaking way of removing thatch from any but the smallest areas. There are several better ways to accomplish this task. There are mechanical dethatchers.

The best way is to let Lawn Care Unlimited handle your thatch problem. There are just too many variables in this situation, that could cause damage to your lawn. We are trained and certified to care for your turf.


Let LawnCare Unlimited work for you!

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