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Tree Pruning Is Good For The Environment

A tree with a large canopy can impede the growth of grass or shrubs at the base of the tree. Pruning can give other plants and lower branches the rain and light they need to be healthy. Pruning away dead or diseased branches will also impact pests and insects. Some insects colonize in dead or decaying branches and eat the nearby foliage. If they aren’t a nuisance, they may be spreading diseases affecting plant and tree growth and can become a nuisance in the future. And if trees overhang or brush up against your home, these insects may have an easy access point to enter your home.

When it comes time to prune a tree, remember that not all trees are created equally, and not all pruning methods work for all trees. Newly planted trees may need to be pruned every year to obtain proper form and strength. Older mature trees may only need to be pruned every five years. There are also right and wrong pruning techniques and using the wrong technique can damage a tree instead of helping it. If you have never pruned a tree, consider hiring an arborist who can provide professional insight and proper techniques. Our experts will properly prune your trees while keeping safety in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our tree pruning services.

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