Mulch, Soil, & Irrigation

The great thing with Lawn Care Unlimited, is we will discuss different ways to improve not only the health of your surrounding plants, but how to make your property really stand out! There are many different kinds of mulch you can use. The main reason we use mulch is for holding moisture, helps roots from being damaged, and of course... It looks great!


Mulching. Why mulch? What to Use?

  • Suffocates weeds.

  • Saves labor.

  • Reduces competition for water and nutrients.

  • Spares roots near soil surface, which are often damaged by cultivation.

  • Improves soil fertility and structure

  • It adds nutrients as it decomposes although it may tie up nitrogen temporarily if high in carbon.

  • It reduces leaching losses and top soil loss by wind action and rain running off the surface.

  • It prevents soil compaction.

  • It encourages earthworms, whose burrows aerate and drain soil.

  • It organic matter improves soil structure.

  • It encourages microbial growth; CO2 evolved by microbes may be important in stimulating plant growth.

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