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At Lawncare Unlimited, we’ve been involved in the enhancement and care of beautiful lawns for more than 30 years.


We have a wide knowledge of plants, lawn products, and maintenance strategies that work best in and around Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin, and we can help you keep a healthy yard year-round without using harmful chemicals.


Click any of our photo albums below to find common weeds that grow and kill your yard along with common pests that will destroy what you've built.  We can help you get rid of any unwanted guests!

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Common Insects

Having pest problems in your lawn?  Some bugs help while others are a nuisance and destroy what you've created.  Click through our photos to find common pests that could be hurting your lawn.

Lawn Care Rockfod

Common Weeds

While one gardener's weed is another's salad, most everyone will agree that uninvited plants simply get in the way of what we want to grow. Here are profiles of 12 of the most common culprits to help you identify these unannounced guests.